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Gets Ready

An online system that helps prevent potential disaster and, if that is not possible, helps to coordinate agencies and communities responding to disaster. The system interacts with councils, not for profits, civil defence and emergency staff, a network of volunteers in the community and the general public.

The Gets Ready system is currently operating in 7 districts across the country, with users representing over 50,000 people. Over the next year these numbers should be at least doubling. The people who interact with the system are mostly homeowners, or home managers. The people who make the financial decisions.


The Gets Ready Vision and Aims

To increase community resilience
To strengthen neighbourhood networks
to build partnerships between emergency services and communities


Services we provided:

  • WordPress, Zend, Bulk Email, Bulk Txt, Geolocation, Elderly friendly
  • API integrations –Facebook, Google, Amazon SES, Vodafone SMS, NZ Post
  • Functionality developed for a community resilience database which involves coordination with local and central government
  • High usage from relatively computer illiterate population segment
  • Looking to be nationwide and represent 500,000+ people within 18 months